List of diamond mines

There are a limited number of commercially viable diamond mines currently operating in the world, with the 50 largest mines accounting for approximately 90% of global supply. Diamonds are also mined alluvially over disperse areas, where diamonds have been eroded out of the ground, deposited, and concentrated by water or weather action. There is also at least one example of a heritage diamond mine (Crater of Diamonds State Park).



  • Catoca diamond mine
  • Fucauma diamond mine
  • Luarica diamond mine
  • Botswana

  • Damtshaa diamond mine
  • Jwaneng diamond mine
  • Letlhakane diamond mine
  • Orapa diamond mine
  • Karowe diamond mine
  • South Africa

  • Baken diamond mine
  • Cullinan diamond mine (previously "Premier mine")
  • Finsch diamond mine
  • Kimberley, Northern Cape
  • Koffiefontein mine
  • Venetia diamond mine
  • Others

  • Marange diamond fields, Zimbabwe
  • Murowa diamond mine, Zimbabwe
  • Williamson diamond mine, Tanzania
  • Letseng diamond mine, Lesotho
  • Miba, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Asia


  • Mirny GOK
  • Udachny GOK
  • Jubilee
  • Grib
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    Indian diamond market loses sparkle, De Beers lowers output forecast

    The Times of India 21 Jul 2019
    Slowdown in Indian diamond industry has prompted world’s largest diamond mining company De Beers to lower its production forecast for 2019, with its mining output in second quarter falling 14% ... Surat Diamond Association president Babu Gujarati said, “The diamond industry is in recessionary mode....

    De Beers lowers its diamond production forecast for 2019

    The Times of India 21 Jul 2019
    Slowdown in Indian diamond industry has prompted world’s largest diamond mining company, De Beers to lower its production forecast for 2019, with its mining output in the second quarter falling 14% ... Import of rough diamonds in June fell 36% to $969 million compared to $1.5 billion in the same month in previous year....

    Plenty of options when it’s time to put a ring on it

    Boston Herald 21 Jul 2019
    Galaxy diamonds, flecked with black and white imperfections, have a salt and pepper appearance ... A growing number of couples seek out conflict-free diamonds, ethically mined, with no connection to terror or opposition groups ... Technology has improved over time, making lab-created diamonds identical to their mined counterparts....

    Low Grades Dent Mountain Province Output

    Diamonds Net 21 Jul 2019
    ... of larger, more valuable diamonds recovered ... “Considering that lower-quality ore was being mined…and in addition to a softer diamond market year over year, achieving similar average values per carat…is very encouraging,” the company added ... A yellow diamond from Gahcho Kué....

    Lucara Names 1,758ct. Diamond ‘Rare Find’

    Diamonds Net 21 Jul 2019
    The miner has completed its analysis of the diamond — which it recovered in April from the Karowe mine’s high-value south lobe — and is considering its sale options, ......

    Tanzanian president sacks environment minister 21 Jul 2019
    Simbachawene had resigned shortly after President Magufuli ordered officials who were implicated by committees formed by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Job Ndugai, to investigate illegal diamond mining had handed over their reports to the head of state. Enditem. ....

    Russia unearths biggest diamond ever found in Europe

    Russia Today 20 Jul 2019
    The Arkhangelsk Region in Russia’s northwest has been rich with discoveries of gems in recent months, and the biggest diamond in Europe and a rare yellow diamond have been found at a local mine, along with other precious stones ... ....

    Whose Interests Do African Govts Serve?

    All Africa 20 Jul 2019
    Let's connect the dots. The Russians clinched a diamond mining deal this week which gives them 70% shareholding of a joint-venture with the Zimbabwean government .......

    Apple’s AirPods Now Come With $20,000 Price Tag

    Inquisitr 20 Jul 2019
    Delucca’s AirPods, dubbed Object No. 1, have been covered in white gold and embellished with over 1,0000 individual VVS natural, mined diamonds ... Click here to continue and read more... ....


    This Day 20 Jul 2019
    Saturday comment2 ... They point to the laws of motion ... America reacts with tariffs ... As such, western nations simply cannot scramble fighter jets and ground troops to occupy diamond mines or control oil acreages ... Their fear that someone will steal their oil, their gold or their diamonds, while laying waste to their civilization, is unfounded ... ....

    Australia’s rough diamond output set to decline drastically

    Mining Weekly 19 Jul 2019
    Australia’s rough diamond output will decline from 14.2-million carats to 137 000 ct once the Argyle mine closes in 2021, says data and analytics company GlobalData. The company notes that the country’s rough diamond supply has been entirely reliant on output from the Argyle mine, ......

    Angola to partially privatise diamonds parastatal

    Mining Weekly 19 Jul 2019
    ... Mining, Polishing and Commercialisation of Diamonds of Angola.) The Minister noted that the role of his Ministry and of the State-owned mining companies was being reformulated....

    LETTER: Blood diamonds fund abuses

    Business Day 19 Jul 2019
    However, blood diamonds aren’t just a problem in the mining sector, as the article implies ... Unless the industry tackles human rights violations across all sectors of the supply chain from mine to market the risk of a consumer backlash will have severe consequences for African ......