List of diamond mines

There are a limited number of commercially viable diamond mines currently operating in the world, with the 50 largest mines accounting for approximately 90% of global supply. Diamonds are also mined alluvially over disperse areas, where diamonds have been eroded out of the ground, deposited, and concentrated by water or weather action. There is also at least one example of a heritage diamond mine (Crater of Diamonds State Park).



  • Catoca diamond mine
  • Fucauma diamond mine
  • Luarica diamond mine
  • Botswana

  • Damtshaa diamond mine
  • Jwaneng diamond mine
  • Letlhakane diamond mine
  • Orapa diamond mine
  • Karowe diamond mine
  • South Africa

  • Baken diamond mine
  • Cullinan diamond mine (previously "Premier mine")
  • Finsch diamond mine
  • Kimberley, Northern Cape
  • Koffiefontein mine
  • Venetia diamond mine
  • Others

  • Marange diamond fields, Zimbabwe
  • Murowa diamond mine, Zimbabwe
  • Williamson diamond mine, Tanzania
  • Letseng diamond mine, Lesotho
  • Miba, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Asia


  • Mirny GOK
  • Udachny GOK
  • Jubilee
  • Grib
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    Diamonds Net 22 Sep 2019
    When it comes to third-party verification and knowing a diamond’s country of origin, 48% considered it very important for mined diamonds, while 44% felt that way about lab-grown stones, the data showed ... Verification that a diamond was mined using socially and environmentally responsible methods came in fourth. ....

    Stornoway to Lose Stock-Exchange Listing

    Diamonds Net 22 Sep 2019
    RAPAPORT... The Toronto Stock Exchange is set to delist Stornoway Diamond Corporation following the miner’s move to seek creditor protection....

    Song of the Open Road

    Indian Express 22 Sep 2019
    The celebrity writer of Pather Panchali was well in his 40s ... Advertising ... Advertising ... When Shankar finds the diamond mine he had been looking for, he doesn’t recognise the raw crystals for what they are; later, to find his way out of its labyrinthine caverns, he uses those very diamonds as markers ... Best Of Express. Justice Tahilramani transfer ... news ... ....

    Angola seizes diamonds, expels half a million migrants

    Modern Ghana 21 Sep 2019
    Mineral-rich Angola is a major producer of diamonds but the government believes many are bought and sold illegally by foreigners. The authorities have repatriated 527,725 illegal immigrants, closed down 96 illegal diamond cooperatives, four mining projects and 289 shops, said a spokesman for the presidency, Pedr ......

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    Revealed: Arron Banks puts controversial diamond mine up for sale

    Channel 4 20 Sep 2019
    The millionaire businessman Arron Banks, who spent £8m on the Brexit campaign, has put a controversial South African diamond mine on the market ... “Newlands diamond mine was placed in care and maintenance 12 months ago and is up for sale for R10 million (approx ... “Newlands Diamond mine for sale in Barkly West....

    Comment on Sierra Leone iron ore mining company gives notice to employees by Sahr Matturi

    Sierra Leone Telegraph 20 Sep 2019
    This situation in the mining of IRON ORE in Sierra Leone is a good lecture for those comparing it with the DIAMOND MINING INDUSTRY ... Bilal Coleman now agree with me that the MINING of DIAMONDS is NUMBER ONE IN THE MINING SECTOR? Does he know what will happen with this latest ......


    Peace FM Online 20 Sep 2019
    The government has abrogated the contract awarded to Great Consolidated Diamonds Ghana Limited (GCDGL) in 2011 to mine diamonds at Akwatia for breach of contract ... oversee the operations of the mines, while the government looks for a competent investor to take over the operations....

    Gov't Terminates Akwatia Mine Contract

    Modern Ghana 20 Sep 2019
    The government has abrogated the contract awarded to Great Consolidated Diamonds Ghana Limited (GCDGL) in 2011 to mine diamonds at Akwatia for breach of contract ... Committee (DIC), as well as rehabilitating and refurbishing facilities at the mines to enhance production....

    Judge orders liquidators to 'Diamond Joe' Gutnick's mining company

    Sydney Morning Herald 20 Sep 2019
    Australia's corporate watchdog has won orders appointing provisional liquidators to 'Diamond' Joe Gutnick's mining company, Merlin Diamonds .......

    Student discovers unusual new mineral inside a diamond

    PhysOrg 20 Sep 2019
    A Ph.D. student at the University of Alberta has discovered a new and curious mineral inside a diamond unearthed from a mine in South Africa ... ....

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